cottagewebCort Cottage Bed and Breakfast is a private guest house located in Three Rivers, CA, at the entrance to Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks.

It was established in 1986 and has hosted visitors from all over the world.

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  • dkzody

    Your banner with Three Rivers on it stopped me in my tracks. Three Rivers is a favorite of mine. My husband and I spent our honeymoon at Gateway Lodge in 1975 and then in the early 80s we spent time each summer at Lake Elowin, in the little cabin down near the roadway. It was a perfect getaway from the stress of our daily lives.

    In 2000 we came back to Gateway Lodge to celebrate 25 years. A group of friends and I head up that way for lunch every so often. We always stop at the candy store.

    I have never hear of Cort Cottage in all the years we have gone to Three Rivers. I will definitely have to look it up the next time we are in the area.

    • thedeeperwell

      Thank you for your comments. Cort Cottage was started in 1986, and will soon have its 25th anniversary. It is the oldest running bed and breakfast in Tulare County. It is off the beaten path, not on the main highway, with a big sign, so most people have found it online or in the early days, in bed and breakfast books. Lake Elowin is just across the canyon from me. Glad to hear from someone who has fond memories of Three Rivers.

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