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A Visit from a Rainbow at Cort Cottage

A few days ago, a rainbow came to remind us life has many pots of gold…

…and that living at the end of the rainbow, can happen again and again.

“a view from my back yard of Moro Rock with rainbow on 9-20-11″
photo © Elsah Cort

Life at the End of the Rainbow

I love living in rainbow country!

Seeing the rainbow from the front door of Cort Cottage.

A closer view of the rainbow,
see the sliver of the waterfall in the background…
All looks bigger and more vibrant in person.

Wildflowers Keep Coming…

The lovely cool rainstorms we have been having, are keeping the wildflowers very happy.  Here are photos from a walk up the hills just at my back door. We’ll start with a rainbow that shows you the hills that are welcome for walking.

more of the foot paths and views from the BLM land above the cottage…

The First Rain…

It’s raining! I know for those folks who live on the East Coast, this is really passe. Every year when the first rain returns after the long, hot, and very dry summer, it’s such a relief.  The earth is soaking it up.  I have hope again that Spring will return once more.  I know it’s Autumn, but rain means green to me, and green means breakthrough from the ground up, and wildflowers are not far behind.